Shri. M B Badbade

KAS Rtd. Special Deputy Commissioner, Chairman
CMA’s Group of Educational Institution Belagavi

From the Chairman’s Desk

Let me welcome you to our Fold!

As we welcome you, the future leaders and productive citizens of the world, I would like to stress on our mission statement of grooming young minds and hearts as the pillar of advancement of a nation and hope of the future.

Our institution was formed by a team of Service-oriented individuals with the aim to promote education and culture in all aspects in order to achieve and fulfill the mission statement that we believe in.

As an established and highly esteemed institution, we maintain an utmost academic standard, incorporated with the conduct of discipline, thereby achieving remarkable and excellent percentage of results. We firmly believe that education is the key to a nation's progress with this; we will take it as our bounded duty to provide the best academic training a student can possibly get. The institution endeavors to comfort the students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to become truly successful in the chosen field. In whatever career a student may choose to take, hard work and discipline are the sure roads towards success. And as your educational institution, we will support students in achieving those golden ambitions and also ensure that their stay in the institution is meaningful and fruitful as well.

CMA is working for the development of educationally backward classes, SC/ST’s, Minorities, downtrodden and economically weaker sections since 2001. Organization has taken up and executed various activities under the State and Central Government schemes. We at ‘CMA’s IAS Academy’ intend to ignite the minds of the thousands of capable and deserving young graduate population of the nation and guide their aspirations to succeed in competitive examinations to its conclusion....

CMA’S Success Mantra for students is

1) Get Organised

2) Don’t Multi Task

3) Divide it up

4) Seta Schedule

5) Take Note

6) Study

7) Manage your study space

8) Find a Study Group

9) Ask Questions

To become successful we need power beyond human power i.e divine power of Almighty which is freely offered at Alter.

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